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Driving Lessons Middlesex

Disover Surrey Driving Force's driving lesson Middlesex team offering premier quality driving lessons available at tremendously competitive rates.

A Wide Range Of Driving Lessons Middlesex

As well as new learners, our leading driving lesson Middlesex team can cater for more experienced drivers who wish to undertake advanced driving tuition.

Whether seeking  to enhance your driving skills, learning the driving skills needed to be a great driver on our unique network of motorways or learning the skills needed to become a driving instructor yourself, advanced driving courses are available.
The range of advanced driving courses we offer includes:

The Ultimate Mock Driving Test

Surrey Driving Force provides one of the most realistic mock driving tests available to supplement the best driving lessons Middlesex lessons available in & around Middlesexm Surrey and the South East.

We try to ensure that you are fully prepared for your driving test & it is apparent that the mock test which we have devised is a vital tool for success.

As with the real driving test, your mock driving test will be conducted in your usual learning vehicle but to enhance the level of realism of the test, we will use a driving instructor with whom you are unfamiliar to play the role of the examiner.
Once the mock test is completed, you will be assessed as in the real event & will be given the necessary feedback to further your tuition.

Only a very limited number of driving schools in the whole of Middlesex employ this type of mock test & we believe it is a very important part of the reason that the first time pass rate for our students is as high as it is.

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